Compliance with these rules will allow for safe delivery of the consignment at your door doomed.

  • strong enough to pack the contents of the consignment so that when traveling bag is not tore up.
  • Remove any labels from the box, marking of hazardous materials and other shipment markings.
  • If you are communicating sensitive or fragile items choose a great one relatively larger container so that they do not touch the interior walls of the package, wrap all items separately and fill the empty space parcels shock-absorbing materials such as: paper, foam or foil with air bubbles. Place a label on the outside of the package.
  • Do not use string or paper wrapping. Instead, use a strong packing tape.
  • If you are submitting items with sharp edges wrap them with paper or foil with bubbles.
  • throw inside package to be sure the sender’s address and the complete data.
  • Try to pack did not have sharp points or holes – tape it shut.
  • Address the package carefully when writing your address on it as the sender and the recipient’s address and phone numbers to each other and to the recipient.
  • If you send a few packages to one address then address each of them separately.
  • Weight per package shall not exceed 30kg (it will be easier to move).
  • Make a list of contents of the package: it should include a detailed inventory of all items inside the package and the value of the parcel. Table put in an envelope and attach to the package.
  • Remember! Do not send alcohol, cigarettes, and food must be packed hermetically!